Tea Sample---Chinese Dark Tea

Dark tea is a type of fermented tea. Pu’er tea and Six Castle tea are notable types of dark tea.Dark tea was invented by accident. Long ago, in order to supply tea to the ethnic groups of the northwest, tea produced in Yunnan, Sichuan, Hubei, Hunan, and other places had to be transported to the north by sea, and then to the northwest via the Silk Road. 


Tea processing :Fixed -Rolled -Pile -fermented -Dried(oxidized by the oxidases of resident microbes)

Dark Tea only exists in China and is an indispensable beverage for the Chinese ethnic minorities in their everyday life. Unlike most types of Chinese Tea that's taste and aroma fade with age, Dark Tea actually improves with age, making it a favorite with collectors and investors.

According to the producing areas and production process, it can be divided into Hunan Dark Tea,Hubei Dark Tea, Sichuan Route Tea, Diangui Dark Tea and etc

Tea Sample

We provide tea samples (2nd-grade or 3rd-grade) in order to introduce different kinds of Chinese teas. They are not relative with the teas in our wholesale lists. Chinese teas are not modern standard products. Chinese tea are different with grades and tea production areas. 

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Insect Tea (Chong Shi Cha), 2nd-grade Tea, (Tea Sample:50g)

Black tea in Guizhou Province

Tea information:Insect Tea (Chong Shi Cha)


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Liu An Basket Tea, 5-years aged tea (500g)

Black tea in Anhui Province

Tea information: Liu An Basket Tea


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