Wholesale tea handmade by tea masters of family tea farms

Notice: These teas are directly small family tea farms in original tea production areas. the order process time is about 1 week, because these family tea farms are in romote tea villages in Fujiang, or GuangDong province.


1.Rou Gui oolong tea made by tea master Gao

More information about rou gui tea , Tea master GAO JIN SHU,

Wholesale price : (Sep 2016)


2.Da Hong Pao tea made by tea master Gao

More information about Da Hong Pao ,  Tea master GAO QIN Yun

Wholesale price : (Sep 2016)


3.Shui Xian tea made by tea master Gao

More information about Shui Xian Tea ,  Tea master GAO

Wholesale price : (Sep 2016)


4.Aged tea of Tie Guan Yin made by tea master Lin

More information about Tie Guan Yin Oolong Tea, Tea master LIN CHUN CHENG

Wholesale price : (Sep 2016)

TMW-4A:145USD/KG (Aged tea in 2002)

TMW-4B:145USD/0.5KG (Aged tea in 1995)

5.Traditional Tie Guan Yin made by tea master Lin

More information about Tie Guan Yin Oolong Tea, Tea master LIN CHUI WEN

Wholesale price : (Sep 2016)


6.Da Hong Pao Tea made by tea master Liu

More information about Da Hong Pao Tea, Tea master LIN MING SHENG

Wholesale price : (Sep 2016)

TMW-6A:45USD/KG (lao cong)

TMW-6B:60USD/KG (Supergrade)

7.White Peony Tea made by tea master Wang

More information about White Peony Tea, Tea master WANG DA CHENG

Wholesale price : (Sep 2016)

TMW-7A:130USD/KG (5 years aged tea)

TMW-7B:170USD/KG (3 years aged wild tea)

8.BaiYa QiLan Tea made by tea master Yang

More information about BaiYa QiLan Tea, Tea master YANG MEI KUI

Wholesale price : (Sep 2016)

TMW-8A:65USD/KG (half roasting tea)

TMW-8B:75USD/KG (full roasting tea)

9.YongChun FoShou Tea made by tea master Zheng

More information about YongChun Foshou Tea, Tea master ZHENG JIN TU

Wholesale price : (Sep 2016)

TMW-9:85USD/KG (Supergrade tea)

10.Strip Oolong Tea from LuoYan village in AnXi country

This tea is produced in LuoYan village in An Xi country, FuJian province.

Wholesale price : (Sep 2016)


11.YingDe Black Tea made by tea farmers cooperatives

More information about YingDe Black Tea

Wholesale price : (Sep 2016)

TMW-11A:90USD/KG (Delicate fragrance type tea)

TMW-11B:90USD/KG (High flavor type tea)

12.ZhangPing ShuiXian Tea made by tea master Ma

More information about ZhangPing ShuiXian Tea, Tea master MA LV JUN

Wholesale price : (Sep 2016)

TMW-12A:95USD/KG( Supergrade )

TMW-12B:115USD/KG( high-mountain tea )

13.Jin Guan Yin Tea made by tea master Chen

Jin Guan Yin is the hybrid variety of Tie Guan Yin and Huang Jin Gui, Tea master CHEN MIN DE

Wholesale price : (Sep 2016)

TMW-13A:50USD/KG( Yun Xiang Type )

TMW-13B:70USD/KG( Xian Xiang Type )

14.Fenghuang Dancong Tea made by tea master Chen

More information about Fenghuang Dancong Tea, Tea master CHEN JIN LIU

Wholesale price : (Sep 2016)



15.Jasmine Scented Tea made by tea master Lin

More information about Jasmine scented tea, Tea master LIN ZHENG KAN (The fourth generation tea family descendant)

Wholesale price : (Sep 2016)

TMW-15A:60USD/KG( Jasmine BiLuoChun Tea )

TMW-15B:115USD/KG( Jasmine Pearl Tea )

TMW-15C:105USD/0.5KG( Jasmine JinJunMei Tea )

16.Ripe cakeTea of Tie Guan Yin made by tea master Huang

More information about Tie Guan Yin, Tea master HUANG ZHI MING

Wholesale price : (Sep 2016)


17.Osmanthus Oolong Tea made by tea master Lin

More information about Osmanthus Oolong Tea , Tea master LIN SAN XIN

Wholesale price : (Sep 2016)


18.Jin Jun Mei Tea and  Lapsang Souchong made by tea master Lin

More information about Lapsang Souchong and Jin Jun Mei  ,

Tea master LIN CHANG FEI

Wholesale price : (Sep 2016)

TMW-18A:65USD/KG(Lapsang Souchong )

TMW-18B:75USD/KG(Jin Jun Mei)

19.Fu Ding White Tea made by tea master Wu

More information about White Tea, Tea master WU CHUAN JI

Wholesale price : (Sep 2016)

TMW-19A:80USD/0.3KG(BaiHao YinZhen Cake Tea )

TMW-19B:40USD/0.3KG(White Peony Cake Tea )

TMW-19C:30USD/0.3KG(5-Years Aged White Tea Cake Tea )

TMW-19D:60USD/KG(Gong Mei Tea Cake Tea )

TMW-19E:100USD/KG(Orange White Tea )

20.Bitter Gourd Black Oolong Tea made by tea master Lin

Tea master LIN JIAN SHUI

Wholesale price : (Sep 2016)


21.Bitter Gourd Black Oolong Tea and orange oolong tea  made by tea master Zheng


Wholesale price : (Sep 2016)

TMW-21A:55USD/KG (Bitter Gourd Black Oolong Tea)

TMW-21B:100USD/KG (Orange Oolong Tea)

22.Ben Shan oolong tea  made by tea master Jing

More information about BenShan Oolong Tea , Tea master JING SHENG SHU

Wholesale price : (Sep 2016)


23.Huang Jin Gui  oolong tea  made by tea master Chen

More information about huang Jin Gui Tea, Tea master CHEN GUO YUAN

Wholesale price : (Sep 2016)


24.Pu-erh tea  made by tea master Wang

More information about Pu-erh Tea, Tea master WANG JIN SHUI

Wholesale price : (Sep 2016)

TMW-24A:60USD/KG(Raw Loose Tea)

TMW-24B:70USD/KG(Moon White Tea)

TMW-24C:75USD/0.5KG(Aged raw tea in 2009)

TMW-24D:60USD/KG(Moon white cake tea)

TMW-24E:25USD/cake(Raw cake tea, 1cake=0.357kg)

25.Anhui Famous Tea  made by tea master Hu

More information about Keemum Black Tea, HuangShan MaoFeng Tea, An Cha,Tea master HU GUANG YAO

Wholesale price : (Sep 2016)

TMW-25A:115USD/0.5KG(congou tea of Keemum Black Tea, supergrade tea)

TMW-25B:260USD/0.25KG(high-end tea of Keemum black tea)

TMW-25C:160USD/0.5KG(Xiangluo tea of keemum black tea, supergrade tea)

TMW-25D:155USD/0.5KG(green tea -maofeng tea, supergrade )

TMW-25E:60USD/0.5KG(8 years aged Tea of Liu An Basket Tea)

26. Ri Zhao Tea  made by tea master Zhang

More information about RiZHAO GREEN TEA,Tea master HU GUANG YAO

Wholesale price : (Sep 2016)

TMW-26A:45USD/KG(RiZhao Green Tea)

TMW-26B:65USD/KG(RiZhao Black Tea)

27. Hunan Dark Tea made by tea master Kan

More information about Hunan Dark Tea,Tea master Kan Fu Xing

Wholesale price : (Sep 2016)

TMW-27A:35USD/1 brick (1Fu brick Tea=1KG)

TMW-27B:40USD/KG(Tian Jian Tea)

TMW-27C:30USD/1 brick(6-years aged brick tea =0.8kg )

28. Liu Pao Tea made by tea master Chen

More information about Liu Pao Tea,Tea master Chen Jie

Wholesale price : (Sep 2016)

TMW-28:30USD/1 basket (1 basket=0.5KG)

29. Liu Pao Tea made by tea master He HuoJun in Tongmu Village in Wuyi Mountain

More information about Wuyi Black Tea and Wuyi Oolong Tea.

TMW-29A: 55USD/0.5KG (Sweet Smell Xiao Chi Gan Black Tea )

TMW-29B: 75USD/0.5KG (Smoked Xiao Chi Gan Black Tea )

TMW-29C: 130USD/0.5KG (Xiao Chi Gan Black Tea planting in bamboo forest)

TMW-29D: 105USD/0.5KG (Fruity Xiao Chi Gan Black Tea)


TMW-29E: 90USD/0.5KG (Flower Fragrance Da Chi Gan Black Tea)


TMW-29F: 125USD/0.5KG (Wild-Growing Lapsang Souchong Black Tea)

TMW-29G: 90USD/0.25KG (Ancient tea Bushes/Smoked Lapsang Souchong Black Tea made in 2015)

TMW-29H: 115USD/0.25KG (Ancient tea Bushes /Lapsang Souchong Black Tea)

TMW-29J: 130USD/0.25KG (Aged Lapsang Souchong Black Tea in 2008/Non-smoked Black Tea)


TMW-29K: 175USD/0.25KG (Flower Fragrance Jin Jun Mei Black Tea)


TMW-29L: 190USD/0.25KG (Purple Red Robe Tea/ Wuyi Rock Tea/Mid-Roasted Spring Tea)

TMW-29M: 105USD/0.25KG (Ba Xian Tea/ Wuyi Rock Tea/Mid-Roasted Spring Tea/ Flower & Fruit Fragance)

TMW-29N: 90USD/0.25KG (Rou Gui Tea/ Wuyi Rock Tea/Mid-Roasted Tea/ Flower Fragance)

TMW-29P: 85USD/0.25KG (Da Hong Pao Tea/ Wuyi Rock Tea/Mid-Roasted Tea/ Fruit Fragance)

TMW-29Q: 65USD/0.25KG (Shui Xian Tea/ Wuyi Rock Tea/Mid-Roasted Tea/ Flower Fragance)

TMW-29S: 95USD/0.25KG (Xiang Tian Mei Tea/ Zheng Yan Tea of Wuyi Rock Tea / Flower Fragance)

30. Big-leaf Kuding Tea made by tea master Wang GuoJun in HaiKou  in Hainan Province

More information about Kuding Tea

Wholesale price : (Apr 2018)

TMW-30A:60USD/KG (Kuding Dragon Pearl Tea)

TMW-30B:35USD/KG(Big-leaf Tea)

TMW-30C:85USD/KG(BaiGu Kuding Tea )

31. TaiPing HouKui Tea made by tea masters  from Fang-Jia-Peng Village in HuangShan Mountain

More information about TaiPing HouKui Tea

Wholesale price : (Apr 2018)

TMW-31A:85USD/0.25KG (Handmade NiuJian Tea)

TMW-31B:115USD/0.25KG(LanHuaXiang Tea) 

TMW-31C:95USD/0.5KG(Handmade DaLongjing Tea)

TMW-31D:85USD/KG(YuQian Tea )

32. Huang Shan Mao Feng Tea made by tea masters  from Fang-Jia-Peng Village in HuangShan Mountain

More information about Huang Shan Mao Feng Tea

Wholesale price : (Apr 2018)

TMW-32A:105USD/0.5KG (Harvesting Before Pure Brightness Festival)

TMW-32B:85USD/0.25KG(High-end Tea) 

TMW-32C:105USD/KG(Harvesting After Grain Rain)

33. Feng Huang Dan Cong Oolong Tea made by tea master Yu De Zhu

More information about Fenghuang Dancong Oolong Tea

Wholesale price : (Apr 2018)


TMW-33A:90USD/KG (Honey orchid aroma/MiLanXiang,strong aroma, baking by firewood)

TMW-33B:115USD/KG(Da Wu Ye Tea, spring tea) 

TMW-33C:65USD/KG(Da Wu Ye Tea, baking with light fire) 

TMW-33D:110USD/KG(Ya-Shi-Xiang Tea, Autumn Tea)

TMW-33E:110USD/0.5KG(Ju-Duo- Zai Tea, Spring Tea, 30-years aged tea tree)

TMW-33F:115USD/KG(Ba-Xian Tea, Spring Tea)

TMW-33G:105USD/0.5KG(Dancong Black Tea, Spring Tea)

TMW-33H:65USD/KG(Bai-Ye Tea, Winter Tea)

TMW-33J:50USD/KG(Yu-Lan-Xiang Tea, Winter Tea)

TMW-33K:110USD/KG(Gong-Xiang Tea, Autumn Tea)