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The following items are provided by 3rd wholesalers in Shanghai Daning International Tea-city (the largest tea wholesale marketplace in Shanghai). The prices of the items do not include shipping cost. After you place orders, we would send the quotation of shipping cost according to your ordered items including different shopping service options.This wholesale service is only for tea-business retailers.

Chinese Post international Shipping service includes 3 options: AIR , SAL and SURFACE (sea).

For example:

Send 22.9 KG of package to USA:

1, Shipping via AIR service (about 2 -3weeks arrival)

1kg as a unit, initail weight:158.5CNY, additional weight:95CNY, limitation of a parcel 30KG; 

158.5*1+95*22=2248.5CNY (about 367USD)

2, Shipping via SAL service (about 3-4 weeks arrival)

1kg as a unit, initail weight:104.6CNY, additional weight:51.1CNY, limitation of a parcel 30KG; 

104.6*1+51.1*22=1228.8CNY (about 201USD)

3, Shipping via SURFACE service (about 4-5 weeks arrival)

1kg as a unit, initail weight:83.5CNY, additional weight:20CNY, limitation of a parcel 30KG; 

83.5*1+20*22=523.5CNY (about 85USD)

China Post International Shipping Services
China Post International Shipping servic
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W28: Yi Xing Purple Clay Tea Set workshop wholesale (2018/8/6 upgrade)

A: Practical Purple Clay Teapot

A1: Shi Piao Teapot / 250ml / Zi Ni

A2: Xiao Yin Teapot / 300ml / Zi Ni

A3: Xi Shi Teapot / 220ml / Zi Ni

A4: Zhu Duan Teapot / 230ml / Zi Ni

A5: Shi Piao Teapot / 170ml / Jiang Po Ni

A6: Lin Hua Teapot / 170ml / Zhi Ma Duan Ni

A7: Da Kou Shi Piao Teapot / 200ml / Duan Ni

A8: Fang Gu Teapot / 220ml / Zi Ni

A9: Fang Gu Teapot / 200ml / Duan Ni

A10: Taste Zen In Tea Teapot / 280ml / Duan Ni

A11: Zhu Jie Teapot / 270ml / Zi Ni

A12: Yi Qing Teapot / 170ml / Zi Ni


B: Entry-Level Purple Clay Teapot

B1: Shi Piao Teapot / 250ml / Zi Ni

B2: Shi Piao Teapot / 250ml / Zi Ni

B3: Xi Shi Teapot / 200ml / Zhu Ni Da Hong Pao

B4: Duo Zhi Teapot / 310ml / Zhu Ni Da Hong Pao

B5: Duo Qiu Teapot / 180ml / Da Hong Pao Ni

B6: Xi Shi Teapot / 240ml / Qing Shui Ni

B7: Ru Yi Fang Gu Teapot / 220ml / Da Hong Pao Ni

B8: Gong Chun Shi Piao Teapot / 180ml / Hong Pi Long Ni

B9: Shi Piao Teapot / 250ml / Hei Jin Gang Ni

B10: Gao Shi Piao Teapot / 260ml / Zi Ni

B11: Bao Zun Teapot / 200ml / Zhu Ni Da Hong Pao

B12: Mei Ren Jian Teapot / 280ml / Qing Shui Ni

B13: Han Yun Teapot / 240ml / Zhu Ni Da Hong Pao

B14: Ti Liang Teapot / 210ml / Qing Shui Ni

B15: Shi Wa Teapot / 200ml / Jiang Po Ni

B16: Pan Hu Teapot / 200ml / Da Hong Pao Ni

B17: Shui Bian Teapot / 120ml / Da Hong Pao Ni

B18: Bian Xi Shi Teapot / 120ml / Da Hong Pao Ni

B19: Jin Wen Fang Gu Teapot / 230ml / Zi Ni

B20: Hu Lu Teapot / 200ml / Zhu Ni



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W29: Yi Xing Purple Clay Tea Set workshop wholesale (2018/8/8 upgrade)

C: Mainstream-Level Purple Clay Teapot

C1: Dragon Egg Teapot / 200ml / Da Hong Pao Ni

C2: Fu Gui Teapot / 290ml / Qing Shui Ni

C3: Shi PiaoTeapot / 240ml / Duan Ni

C4: Feng Hou Teapot / 230ml / Zi Ni

C5: Jin Niang Teapot / 230ml / Zi Ni

C6: Xi Shi Teapot / 200ml / Da Hong Pao Ni

C7: Xi Shi Teapot / 200ml / Da Hong Pao Ni

C8: Bian Shi Piao Teapot / 180ml / Zi Ni

C9: Lin Hua Shi Piao Teapot / 200ml / Da Hong Pao Ni

C10: Fang Gu Teapot / 200ml / Zhu Ni

C11: Nan Gua Teapot / 320ml / ZI Ni +Qing Shui Ni

C12: Yi Mu Teapot / 340ml / Duan Ni +Qing Shui Ni

C13: Yun Mei Teapot / 260ml / Duan Ni +Qing Shui Ni

C14: Han Xiang Teapot / 360ml / Hong Pi Long Ni

C15: Ji Xiang Ru Yi Teapot / 220ml / Qing Shui Ni

C16: Ting Zhu Teapot / 300ml / Lv Ni

C17: Hua Xin Teapot / 310ml / Di Cao Qing Ni

C18: Hua Yang Nian Hua Teapot / 330ml / Di Cao Qing Ni

C19: Gu Xiang Teapot / 330ml / Duan Ni

C20: Qing Xiang Teapot / 230ml / Zi Ni

C21: De Zhong Teapot / 240ml / Da Hong Pao

C22: Zhu Gu Teapot / 150ml / Lv Ni

C23: Zhu Duan Teapot / 220ml / Zi Ni

C24: Mei Hua Teapot / 220ml / Qing Shui Ni

C25: Ban Yue Teapot / 180ml / Lv Ni

C26: Zi Zun Teapot / 230ml / Da Hong Pao Ni

C27: Xiao Yin Teapot / 350ml / Zi Ni

C28: Shi Piao Teapot / 220ml / Zi Ni

C29: Shi Ting Teapot / 230ml / Zhu Ni

C30: He Tang Teapot / 290ml / Zhu Ni

C31: Le Qu Teapot / 220ml / Zi Ni

C32: Qin Quan Teapot / 230ml / Zhu Ni

C33: De Zhong Xin Jin Teapot / 180ml / Jiang Po Ni

C34: Shi Piao Teapot / 270ml / Zhu Ni

C35: Wen Yu Teapot / 240ml / Duan Ni

C36: Ba Gua Teapot / 220ml / Qing Shui Ni

C37: Fu Yun Teapot / 460ml / Qing Shui Ni

C38: Mei Hua Teapot / 250ml / Zi Ni

C39: Shi Piao Teapot / 250ml / Tian Qing Ni

C40: Long Rui Teapot / 510ml / Zi Ni

C41: Si Yun Teapot / 270ml / Tian Qing Ni

C42: Shi Piao Teapot / 260ml / Zhu Ni

C43: Pan Hu Teapot / 190ml / Duan Ni

C44: Long Dai Teapot / 280ml / Long Xue Sha

C45: Ti Liang Teapot / 450ml / Lv Ni

C46: Bian Gu Teapot / 200ml / Da Hong Pao Ni

C47: Li Xing Teapot / 220ml / Da Hong Pao Ni

C48: Long Dan Teapot / 210ml / Da Hong Pao Ni

C49: Han Xiang Teapot / 290ml / Jiang Po Ni

C50: Mei Zhuang Teapot / 520ml / Duan Ni

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W30: Yi Xing Purple Clay Tea Set workshop wholesale (2018/8/9 upgrade)

D: Fancier Grade Level Purple Clay Teapot

D1: Jia Yi Teapot / 330ml / Lv Ni

D2: Qie Zhu Teapot / 280ml / Lv Ni + Zi Ni

D3: Ling Zhi Long Teapot / 320ml / Qing Hui Ni

D4: Ba Fang Teapot / 310ml / Lv Ni

D5: Gong Chun Teapot / 290ml / Duan Ni

D6: Shi Piao Teapot / 240ml / Di Cao Qing Ni

D7: Dei Zhong Teapot / 330ml / Hei Jin Gang Ni

D8: Liu Fang Lian Teapot / 260ml / Qing Shui Ni

D9: Qing Lian Teapot / 380ml / Qing Shui Ni

D10: Ling Hou Teapot / 280ml / Tian Qing Ni

D11: Gao Shen Zhu Teapot / 320ml / Lv Ni

D12: Yi Hua Teapot / 310ml / Zi Ni

D13: Si Fang Sheng Zhu Teapot / 230ml / Lv Ni

D14: Gong Chun Teapot / 210ml / Tian Qing Ni

D15: Ti Liang Teapot / 480ml / Zi Ni

D16: Zhu Ban Teapot / 300ml / Zhu Ni

D17: Long Quan Teapot / 260ml / Li Pi Zhu Ni

D18: San Zu Long Ding Teapot / 410ml / Qing Shui Ni

D19: Ding Sheng Teapot / 290ml / Di Cao Qing Ni

D20: Shi Fang Jie Zhu Teapot / 360ml / Jiang Po Ni


E: Collectible Grade Level Purple Clay Teapot

E1: Fo Lian Teapot / 315ml / Zi Ni

E2: Gong Deng  Teapot / 310ml / Treasure Clay

E3: Mei Ren Jian  Teapot / 340ml / Zhu Ni

E4: Shi Ting Teapot / 250ml / Zhu Ni

E5: Shi Fang Xu Bian Teapot / 260ml / Lv Ni

E6: Shi Fang Teapot / 330ml / Qing Shui Ni

E7: Han Fang Teapot / 570ml / Zi Ni

E8: Ni Chun Teapot / 700ml / Zi Ni

E9: Shi Hou Teapot / 280ml / Zi Ni

E10: Shuo Guo Teapot / 340ml / Da Hong Pao Ni


E11: A package of Yixing purple Clay tea set group 

(1 tea tray + 1 teapot + 4 cups; Gift package about 3KG)

Ru Xiang Teapot / 450ml / Zi Ni

Ru Xiang Cup / 110ml /  Zi Ni


E12: A package of Yixing purple Clay tea set group 

(1 teapot bas + 1 teapot + 2 cups + 2 cup coasters; Gift package about 2KG)

Gong Chun Teapot / 280ml / Zhu Ni



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W31: Yi Xing Purple Clay Tea Set workshop wholesale (2018/8/13 upgrade)

F: Purple Clay Tea Cup or Bowl.

F1: Small Cup / 25ml / Qing Shui Ni

F2: Gongfu Cup / 25ml / Qing Shui Ni

F3: 5 Color Cup / 30ml / Purple clay (5cups)

F4: Yuan Kou Cup / 70ml / Hei Zhu Sha

F5: Master Cup / 80ml / Zhu Ni & Zi Ni (2cups)

F6: Gaiwan / 120ml / Qing Shui Ni

F7: Zhu Duan Cup / 50ml / Qing Shui Ni

F8: Si Ji Cup / 50ml / Hong Ni

F9: Jin Niang Cup / 70ml / Qing Shui Ni

F10: Zhan Cup / 80ml / Da Hong Pao

F11: Dou Li Cup / 70ml / Duan Ni & Hong Ni (2cups)

F12: Zhi Zun Cup / 110ml / Zi Ni & Qing Shui Ni & Zhu Ni (3cups)

F13: Zhu Ren Cup / 160ml / Zi Ni & Jiang Po Ni (2cups)

F14: Hong Cha Cup / 110ml / Duan Ni & Hong Ni 

F15: GongFu Cup / 100ml / Jiang Po Ni (4 cups)

F16: Jin Niang Cup / 100ml / Duan Ni

F17: Sharing Tea Cup / 230ml / Hei Jin Sha

F18: Gaiwan / 160ml / Zi Ni

F19: Small Cup / 30ml / Qing Shui Ni

F20: Yu Hua Long Cup / 100ml / Hei Jin Sha ( 2 cups)


G: Small Decorative Article

G1: Chameleon Crab / L:12cm, W:9cm; H: 6cm / Lv Ni

G2: Windfire Toad / L:6cm, W:6cm; H: 9cm / Zi Ni

G3: Dharma /  W:6cm; H: 13.5cm / Zi Ni & Duan Ni

G4: Three-legged Toad /  L: 15cm;W:13.5cm; H: 8cm / Zhu Ni

G5: Lotus Seedpod Teapot Base /  L: 11cm;W:11cm; H: 5.5cm / Zi Ni

G6: Small Sami Monk /  W:8-11cm; H: 8-10cm / Zi Ni & Qing Shui Ni (6 articles)

G7: Rhinoceros /  L: 10cm;W:4.5cm; H: 5 cm / Duan Ni

G8: Dragon Turtle/  L: 12cm;W:6.5cm; H: 7.2cm / Zi Ni

G9: Frog and Lotus Seedpod  /  L: 5.5cm;W:5.5cm; H: 3.5cm / Zi Ni

(the frog can spout water)

G10: Small Sami Monk /  W:5-8cm; H: about 8 cm / Duan ni (5 articles)

G11: The Richest in The World /  L:10cm;W:8cm; H: about 5 cm / Zi ni 

G12: Elephant /  L:8cm;W:4.5cm; H: about 5 cm / lv ni (2 articles)

G13: Know the Interest /  L: 15cm;W:7cm; H: 4.5cm / Zi Ni & Duan Ni

G14: Lotus Seedpod  /  L: 10cm;W:10cm; H: 7cm / Duan Ni

G15: Happy Buddha  /  L: 5cm;W:4.5cm; H: 8cm / Qing Shui Ni,Zi Ni,Duan Ni (3 articles)

G16: Lucky Toad   /  L: 9.5cm;W:8cm; H: 7cm / Zi Ni

G17: Rich Toad   /  L: 13cm;W:8cm; H: 5cm / Zi Ni

G18: Peach   /  L: 7.5cm;W:5cm; H: 8cm / Duan Ni

G19: Chameleon Apple  /  W:7cm; H: 6cm / Duan Ni

G20: Frog and Lotus Leaf   /  L: 5.5cm;W:3.5cm; H: 3cm / Duan Ni & Lv Ni (2 articles)

(the frog can spout water)






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W48: Chinese Traditional Tea Set / Full package of tea set & wood tea tray Wholesale(2018/9/24 upgrade)


A: Purple Clay Tea Set and Bamboo Tea Box

A1: A full package of tea set, 1 unit=1package

A2: A full package of tea set, 1 unit=1package

A3: A full package of tea set, teapot:350ml; cup:70ml; bamboo box:33*25*12.5cm,1 unit=1package

A4: A full package of tea set, 1 unit=1package

A5: A full package of tea set, teapot:120ml; cup:30ml; bamboo box:24*18.5*11cm,1 unit=1package

A6: A full package of tea set, 1 unit=1package


B: Wood Tea Tray / Tea Board (Not including the price of electromagnetic oven)

B1: 54*34*6cm; Castanopsis cuspidate

B2: 76*33*6cm; Bamboo;

B3: 92*45*7cm; Castanopsis cuspidate

B4: 88*47*8cm; Castanopsis cuspidate

B5: 69.5*36*5cm; rosewood.

B6: 59*29*4.5cm; ebony.

B7: 62.5*35.5*7.5cm; Castanopsis cuspidate.

B8: 54.5*38*7cm; Castanopsis cuspidate.

B9: 65*24*4cm; ebony.

B10: 40*44*4cm; Weight Bamboo.

B11: 54*32*6cm; Bamboo

B12: 60*30*4.5cm; ebony.

B13: 54*34*6cm; Castanopsis cuspidate

B14: 70*35*4.5cm; ebony

B15: 40*40*3.8cm; Weight Bamboo.

B16: 61*30*5cm; ebony.

B17: 70*35*3.8cm; Weight Bamboo.

B18: 70*35*6cm; rosewood.

B19: 45*24.5*5.5cm; Weight Bamboo.

B20: 46*25.5*5.5cm; Weight Bamboo.

B21: 61*16*4cm; Weight Bamboo.

B22: 25*25*3.5cm; Bamboo.

B23: 48*32*6.5cm; Bamboo.

B24: 45*15*4cm; Weight Bamboo.




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