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The following items are provided by 3rd wholesalers in Shanghai Daning International Tea-city (the largest tea wholesale marketplace in Shanghai). The prices of the items do not include shipping cost. After you place orders, we would send the quotation of shipping cost according to your ordered items including different shopping service options.This wholesale service is only for tea-business retailers.

Chinese Post international Shipping service includes 3 options: AIR , SAL and SURFACE (sea).

For example:

Send 22.9 KG of package to USA:

1, Shipping via AIR service (about 2 -3weeks arrival)

1kg as a unit, initail weight:158.5CNY, additional weight:95CNY, limitation of a parcel 30KG; 

158.5*1+95*22=2248.5CNY (about 367USD)

2, Shipping via SAL service (about 3-4 weeks arrival)

1kg as a unit, initail weight:104.6CNY, additional weight:51.1CNY, limitation of a parcel 30KG; 

104.6*1+51.1*22=1228.8CNY (about 201USD)

3, Shipping via SURFACE service (about 4-5 weeks arrival)

1kg as a unit, initail weight:83.5CNY, additional weight:20CNY, limitation of a parcel 30KG; 

83.5*1+20*22=523.5CNY (about 85USD)

China Post International Shipping Services
China Post International Shipping servic
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W01:Weight Bamboo Tea Tray (2018/3/29 upgrade)

Type A: (weight Bamboo & Black Stone)

Length:61cm; Width:18.5cm; Height:5cm; Weight:6KG

Type B: (Weight Bamboo)

Length:61cm; Width:20cm; Height:4.5cm; Weight:6KG

Type C: (Weight Bamboo)

Length:45cm; Width:15.5cm; Height:4.5cm; Weight:4KG

Type D: (Bamboo)

Length:46cm; Width:25.5cm; Height:6cm; Weight:6KG


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W02:Bamboo Tea Tray (2018/3/9 upgrade)

Type A: height:5.2cm; length:52cm;width:17.8cm

Type B: height:5.2cm; length:52cm;width:25cm

Material:  Bamboo


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W03:Bamboo Tea Tray (2018/3/11 upgrade)

Type A: height:6.5cm; length:40cm;width:28cm

Type B: height:6.5cm; length:35.5cm;width:23.5cm

Type C: height:6.5cm; length:28cm;width:18cm

Material:  Bamboo

Weight: 1.5-2.5kg

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W04: Small-Size Weight Bamboo Tea Tray (2018/3/11 upgrade)


Material:  Weight Bamboo

Weight: 1.5-2.5kg

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W05: High-Capacity Glass Teapot/Kettle (2018/3/15 upgrade)

Type A: 1.6L; Height:13cm; Width:18.5cm


Type B: 1.2L;Height:12cm; Width:12cm


Type C1/C2: 260ml;


Type D: 780ml; Height:16cm; Width:11cm (5 Colors)


Material:  Glass & Wood

Weight: about 1.-1.5kg

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W06: Low-Capacity Glass Cup (2018/3/11 upgrade)

Type A: 30ml, Height:3cm;Width:5cm

Type B: 50ml,Height:4.5cm;Width:6.5cm

Type C: 90ml, Height:5cm;Width:6.5cm

Type D: 100ml,Height:6cm;Width:6cm

Material:  Glass 

Weight: about 50g--120g

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W07: Glass Teapot/Kettle (2018/3/11 upgrade)

Type A: 1.25L; Height:16cm; Width:19cm

Type B: 1.25L;Height:16cm; Width:19cm

Material:  Glass 

Weight: about 1-1.5kg

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W08:" 6 things" for Chinese tea ceremony (2018/3/11 upgrade)


Material:  ebony

Weight: about 1 kg

Tea Caddy;Teaspoon;Tea needle;tea digger;Tea Tongs.

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W09:" Tea Shop Packaging Material ---Iron Cans (2018/3/12 upgrade)

Type A:

A1: Height: 7.5cm; Width:9.9cm; (200 cans/1box, about 18KG)

A2: Height: 12cm; Width:9.9cm; (125 cans/1box, about 15KG)

A3: Height: 14.5cm; Width:9.9cm; (100 cans/1box, about 14KG)


Type B:

B1: Height: 7.5cm; Width:9.9cm; (200 cans/1box, about 18KG)

B2: Height: 7.5cm; Width:9.9cm; (200 cans/1box, about 18KG)


Type C:

C1: Height: 8.2cm; Width:8.5cm; (150 cans/1box, about 14KG)

C2: Height: 14.5cm; Width:8.5cm; (120 cans/1box, about 16KG)


Type D:

D1: Height: 18cm; Width:11.8cm; (60 cans/1box, about 14KG)

D2: Height: 18cm; Width:11.8cm; (60 cans/1box, about 14KG)

D3: Height: 18cm; Width:11.8cm; (48 cans/1box, about 12KG)



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W10:" Tea Shop Packaging Material ---Aluminum foil bags/Kraft bags (2018/3/12 upgrade)

Type A: 

Stand  up zipper bag (-Aluminum foil bags)

Type B: 

Stand  up zipper bag (-Kraft bags)

Type C:

Bellows pocket  (-Kraft bags)


100bags Weight : about 0.5kg --3kg

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W11: Tea Shop Packaging Material ---Iron Cans (2018/3/12 upgrade)

Type A:

A1: Height: 24.5cm; Width:17cm; (6 cans/1box, about 6KG)

A2: Height: 14.5cm; Width:10cm; (24 cans/1box, about 6KG)

A3: Height: 9cm; Width:6cm; (60 cans/1box, about 5KG)


Type B:(6 Colors)

B1: Height: 11.4cm; Width:4.5cm; (120 cans, about 7KG)

B2: Height: 9cm; Width:4.5cm; (200 cans, about 8KG)

B3: Height: 6.5cm; Width:4.5cm; (300 cans, about 11KG)




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W12: Portable Cup & Tea/Coffee Makers (2018/3/14 upgrade)

Type A: ---Stainless Steel / 7 colors

A1: Height: 25cm; Width:7cm; (50 cups/1box,)

A2: Height: 30cm; Width:7cm; (50 cups/1box)


Type B: --- Glass & Stainless Steel / 5 colors

B1: 380ml; (50 cups/1box,)

B2: 550ml; (50 cups/1box)








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W13: Glass Teapot/Kettle (2018/3/15 upgrade)

Type A:

Material:  Glass 

A1---250ml & 600ml & 800ml






A7---500ml & 650ml 

A8---600ml & 800ml 


Type B: 450ml & 550ml & 750ml & 950ml & 1300ml

Material:  Glass & Stainless Steel




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W14: Gongfu tea ceremony tea-set Group (2018/3/16 upgrade)


Type A:

Material:  White porcelain 


 a tea-set group includes 1 gaiwan, 1 sharing cup and 8 cups

gaiwan:180ml, sharing cup 140ml, cup 45ml


Type B:

Material:  Ice Crack Glaze porcelain 


 a tea-set group includes 1 teapot, and 6 cups

teapot:170ml, ;cup 45ml

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W15: Tea Shop Packaging Material ---Paper & wood & Iron Cans (2018/3/21 upgrade)


Type A: 3 colors (original color / red color / black color)

A1: Height: 7cm; Width:9.9cm; (192 cans/1box)

A2: Height: 9cm; Width:7.3cm; (336 cans/1box)

A3: Height: 13cm; Width:8.3cm; (168 cans/1box)

A4: Height: 16cm; Width:8.3cm; (136 cans/1box)


Type B: 7 colors 

B1: Height: 9cm; Width:10.1cm; (120 cans/1box)

B2: Height: 16.5cm; Width:8.5cm; (90 cans/1box)

B3: Height: 19.5cm; Width:10.1cm; (70 cans/1box)


Type C: C1,C2,C3,C4,C5,C6,C7,C8

Height:8.5cm; Width:7cm; Length:7cm

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W16: Tea Shop Packaging Material ---Iron Cans (2018/4/2 upgrade)


Type A:(3 Colors)

A1: Height: 24.5cm; Width:18cm; (18 cans/1box)

A2: Height: 20.5cm; Width:15.5cm; (18 cans/1box)

A3: Height: 16cm; Width:12cm; (20 cans/1box)

A4: Height: 13.5cm; Width:10.5cm; (30 cans/1box)



Type B:(4Colors)

Height: 21.5cm; Width:15cm; (18 cans/1box)


Type C:(6 Colors)

C1: Height: 32.5cm; Width:22cm; (6 cans/1box)

C2: Height: 23.5cm; Width:13.5cm; (24 cans/1box)



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W17: Tea-Brewing Cup with Tea leaves and Water Separating filter


Type A:

Material:  PP/ABS/304 stainless steel:

A1: Height: 20.5cm; Width:6.5cm; 350ml

A2: Height: 25cm; Width:6.5cm; 450ml


Type B:

Material:  PP/ABS/304 stainless steel/Glass

B1: Height: 21.5cm; Width:6.5cm; 170ml(up) +240ml(down)



Type C:

Material:  PP/ABS/304 stainless steel/Glass

C1: Height:; Width:6.5cm; 


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  • about 1 week arrival1
W18: Portable Tea-Brewing Cup/bottle


Type A:

Material:  stainless steel/glass

A1: 420ml

A2: 550ml


Type B:

Material:  stainless steel/glass/food-grade silicone

B1: 320ml



Type C:

Material:  stainless steel/glass/food-grade silicone

C1: 300ml

C2: 350ml 

C3: 450ml


Type D:

Material:  stainless steel/

4 Color: Black, Khaki,Gray,White

D1: 320ml

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W19: Chinese traditional tea porcelain canister (2018/5/22 upgrade)


Type A:(9 Colors)

Height: 13.5cm; Width:10.5cm; (9 cans/1box)



Type B:(12Colors)

Height: 8cm; Width:11cm; (12 cans/1box)


 Type C:(4 Colors)

Height: 9cm; Width:13cm; (4 cans/1box)


 Type D:(2 Colors)


Height: 16cm; Width:16cm; 


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W20: Customized service---label printing service (2018/5/22 upgrade)


 It is a 3-party service, the service provider would provide the quotation according to your requirement.

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W21: Fast Guest Cup


Type A:

Material:  Black Pottery

1 teapot + 2 cups



Type B:

Material:  Ding Yao Porcelain

1 teapot + 2 cups


Type C:

Material:  White Porcelain

1 Gaiwan + 4 Cups



Type D:

Material:  Crude Pottery

3 Cups + 1 filter

Cup1: 190ml; Cup2: 100ml; Cup3:50ml


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  • about 1 week arrival1
W22: triangle blending teabag (2018/7/31 upgrade)

A1:osmanthus oolong tea/ 3.5g

A2: Jasmine Green Tea/ 3g

A3: Rose Oolong Tea/  3g

A4: Lemon Green Tea/  3g

A5: White peach black tea/3.5g

A6: Chrysanthemum tartary buckwheat tea/ 3g 

A7: Rosa flower rose tea/ 3g

A8: Rose Black Tea/ 3.5g

A9: Litchi Pu'er tea/ 5g

A10: Genmaicha/ 6g

A11: Chrysanthemum Pu Erh Tea/ 3g

A12: Rose Pu Erh Tea/ 3g

A13: Peach blossom Pu'er tea/ 5g

A14: Coffee flavored black tea/ 3.5g

A15: Strawberry Pu-erh tea/ 5g

A16: Jasmine Black Tea/ 3.5g

A17: Lemon Pu-erh Tea/ 5g

A18: Oil-cut Green Tea/ 3.5g

A19: Peppermint Pu'er tea/ 5g

A20: Jasmine Pu-erh Tea/ 5g


B: Mix- Samples Package (A1--A20) about 100g



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W24: Blooming Tea & Craft Flower Tea Wholesale (2018/8/3 upgrade)

A1: Brilliance Splendor

A2: Prismy

A3: Flaming Dragons Pearl

A4: Sweet Blossom

A5: Love Forever

A6: Butterfly Flower

A7: Rise Higher and Higher

A8: Graceful Arise

A9: Morning Sun and Rainbow

A10: Umbrellas of Cherbourg

A11: Silver Calendula

A12: Flower Fairy

A13: Exquisite Beauty

A14: Liliy Basket

A15: Bathing Beauty

A16: Love At the First Sight

A17: Golden Dragons Pearl

A18: Seven Stars Around the Moon

A19: Jasmine Fairy

A20: Rose Love


B: Mix Samples Package, including 20 types of craft flower tea, about 150-200g

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W25: Jasmine Scented Tea factory wholesale (2018/8/3 upgrade)

A: Daily Tea 

A1: Mao Jian Tea

A2: Qu Luo Tea

A3: Da Bai Hao Tea

A4: Bai Yu Zhen Tea 

A5: Da Bai Long Tea

A6: Dark Dragon Pearl

A7: Feng Wei Tea 

A8: Piao Xue Tea 

A9: White Dragon Pearl Tea

A10: White Dragon Pearl Xiu Qiu Tea


B: High-grade Tea

B1: Yu Luo King Tea

B2: Jasmine Scented Tea King

B3: Xue Luo King Tea

B4: Girl Ring Tea

B5: Piao Xue King Tea


C: Samples

C1:Mix Sample Package : (A1-A10) about 100-150g

C2:Mix Sample Package : (B1-B5) about 50-100g

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