Jiangtea's High-Mountain Tea Plantation

Tea Tour in Xianrenteai tea mountain:

Time: Apr27-Apr28 in 2017

Price: 300USD per person

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We have been providing Chinese traditional loose tea wholesle service for our foreign clients in the past 7 years (from 2010 to now). Our clients are doing tea business in more than 20 countries. 

In 2017, we initiate the project of  "have an organic tea plantation in China" for our clients outside China.The purpose of this project is to provide the resource for our foreign clients who are doing Chinese tea business in their countries, and make it possible to have their own organic tea plantation in China with lowest cost.

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Xian Ren Tai Mountain

Jiangtea's high mountain tea plantation is located in Xian Ren Tai mountain, in Qi Chun County, Hubei province. (QiChun County--- E 115.43  N 30.23)


.Xian Ren Tai (仙人台)Mountain is 1159 meters above sea level, located in the junction of Qichun county and Yingshan County, Huanggang City, Hubei Province. The region's climate is a subtropical continental monsoon climate, and Climate boundary of heat and light is clear in four season. It is suitable for planting tea Becuase of frequent fog, mild and humid climate in spring and summer.


The history of tea planting is originated in the Han Dynasty (202 B.C--220 A.D), and developed in the Tang Dynasty (618 A.D-907 A.D).Xianrentai tea plantation was less than twenty mu(亩:1 mu =667square meters). Before 1949.The government of Qichun country had built a state-owned tea plantation in 1956, and there is more than 1000 mu of tea plantation now, with an annual tea output of more than 80000 jin (斤:1 Jin=0.5KG).


Tea producing technology have innovated on the base of traditional producing methods, and produced famous green tea "Qiqiang" and "Tai tea".The tea soup is green and bright, and the taste is mellow and thick after brewing of Xianrentai green tea.

Premium Green Tea in Jiangtea's Tea Plantation

Chinese famous green tea "Tai Cha" is original produced in Xinrentai tea mountain, which is originated in the Han Dynasty, and developed in the Tang Dynasty.


A mu of tea land can planted about 5000-7000 tea tree seedings.   Local tea tree seedings are green tea  seeding of "qiqiang" and "taicha" in xianrentai tea area.


Project participants can choose the other popular varieties of tea ceedings, such as longjing tea, anji white tea, maojian tea.  2-3years aged tea ceeding can panted and the tea leaves can be harvested in the next year.


Tea leaves can be harvested in Mar-May in the spring and  in Aug-Oct in Autumn in Xianrentai tea areas,which are mainly produced as high-grade tea of green tea, and also can produced black tea.

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