Wu Yi Yan Cha 武夷岩茶

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1, The category of wuyi yancha
Wuyi Yancha modern varieties are named to tea, tea species complement each other, therefore, the most prominent of tea were complicated.  To facilitate the application, in addition to Need Yancha, the rest of the property for special tea, to identify the people, by definition.
 Wuyi Yancha with ancient tea, tea were replaced frequently.  Therefore Yancha classified by different people wind-chi, there is no definite conclusion.

 Wuyicha who goes with the times, from the Tang Dynasty of the Institute paste, wax surface; Song of the Longfeng Mission; milk Stones from the Yuan Dynasty, Beijing collar; the Zisun Ming Ling and buds, such as E cents.  Cijie successive Wuyi section of tea or tribute, most of steaming green tea, is the basis for the development of Wuyi Yancha.  Since the Ming Dynasty, imported from Anhui system Usnic tea, tea with the rest of the same area from the steaming green tea restructuring Chaojing green tea.  Qing Zhou Liang workers in the "Fujian small mind": "Sung On strokes Huangshan Monk to the legal system built Usnic tea, when the Wuyi-song LUO head."

 After the beginning of the Qing Dynasty Wuyishan spent much time exploring the development of a semi-fermented oolong tea, Yancha be greatly improved the quality, as a tea and the black tea whoever, it is tea sector contentious issues.  Tea and special equipment for home Qi-kun, Chen Binfan in "China's tea" and "tea by a new chapter" in an article he wrote, that the tea produced from Wuyishan.  This is the Wuyi Mountain Tea a major contribution to the development of.
 Qing Dynasty Wuyi Yancha classification, the stalls, several of variation.  Sung On the late Qing Emperor Yongzheng County land Tingcan "continued tea," wrote: Wuyicha Yancha for those in the mountains, the water, as Chau tea, for Yancha, Chau tea followed.  Yancha best, the fine-sounding name kungfu tea, efforts are on the small species, then known as a tea, the two are only a few per plant.  Chau tea (tea is the stream), the name Gracilaria lemaneiformis, Crisp, Zihao, Orchid, such as fragrance.  Year 1753, Liu Jing "for a while I heard Set" mentioned: the highest Zheyue Yancha small tree species, the species are small, small, the kind of effort, the effort is the effort scent.  Year 1886, Guo Boling Cang "in Fujian differences" in order surprising species, species, small species, the incense, and floral species-baking, rub-baked, rock.  In addition, Dr Leung chapter in the "Guitian lock", Shi Hong Bao "Min journal" have Wuyi Yancha classification, the name was recorded.

 Before the founding of New China, Wuyi Yancha more complicated classification.  Year 1921, in South Jiangshu "Jiangshu Travels in the South" will be divided into GrandTech Yancha species odd species Ming species, such as race four.  Liao CUNREN at Wuyi Yancha: Cong to single Cong, odd species, species, baked tea.  Lin Fu-chuen, is more detailed, classified Cong odd kind of name alone Cong odd kind of taking on the kind of odd, odd species, species, baked tea.  In classified as tea: tea dishes, Narcissus, Oolong, Yilan, peach seed, Tieguanyin, plum of Sydney, Huanglong, cinnamon, etc..  In divided into large geographical Yancha, Yancha, semi-Yancha, Chau tea.  By tea time season: the first Spring Tea, the first Spring Tea, the Spring Tea.  In tea varieties can be made, respectively: dishes can be made Dahongpao tea, white crest, iron Lohan, and the other half lumbar, water beetles; with daffodils have made Narcissus, Narcissus metres, odd species, a species with Oolong who made a mistake, Tieguanyin, Yilan, and other.  Oncidium花名well-established, is the sun, is Talin, not days, until more than 800 water Hongmei.

After new China was founded, early system of separate refining processing.  In the 1950s and 1960s, were divided into Cong, mentioning Cong alone Cong, variety, rock carvings (including narcissus m), Chau narcissus, Narcissus, mountains, rocks odd species (including rice), Chau odd species, the San-ching tea, baked tea, tea first.  As a commodity is removed from Cong tea varieties separate processing stacks, Narcissus, sharing odd kind of special to four, plus Wuyi crude tea, fine tea, tea stems 3-Mark.  After the 1970s-price reform, the name of rock Cong general of Cong, variety, Narcissus, singular kind of five types.  Class on the first three points in the third class, Narcissus, is divided into 11 odd kind of grading.  In addition, Yancha Spring Tea is also divided into a seasonal basis, summer tea, autumn tea.  Spring Tea best, followed by tea autumn, summer tea because of the hot weather, with poorer quality.

 Wuyi Yancha the classification and names is in fact the law.  The so-called Wuyi Yancha, now refers growth in the Wuyi Mountain Tea is made from the semi-fermented oolong tea category.  Classification is based mainly varieties, geographical determined, prior Yancha, Chau tea hours after the race, the kind of singular points.  Most of the tea is named to the Ministry of tea in the tea what is called what tea.  If mining cinnamon tea in the tea product, called cinnamon.  The so-called species is to form a certain number, such as narcissus, Oolong, bergamot, etc.; Cong were so-called single Cong tea is from the dishes, based on personality characteristics name, quantity rarely, and do not form a mass, as only Cong were alone Cong could not be equated with the varieties.

2,"rock Melody"of wuyi yancha
Wuyi Yancha "rock Melody" formation of Wuyi Yancha味甘Chak and gas fragrance, Yancha different varieties have different characteristics jets rhyme.  This paper Wuyi Yancha "rock Melody" on the formation of some views:


 A:"rock Melody" with the climate, the soil

 Wuyicha District mild climate Dongnuanjialiang, with the average temperature between 18-18.5 ℃, a long frost-free period, abundant rainfall, the annual rainfall of 2,000 mm around mountain perennial clouds, the average relative humidity at 80 percent, sunshine shorter , no wind, no damage.

 Wuyishan soil geology, a Cretaceous Wuyi layer, the lower classes for quartz rocks, the central conglomerate, red sandstone, Gong rocks and volcanic tuff conglomerate composed of five persons.  Tea garden soil rock, the vast majority of the volcanic conglomerate, profiles of quite complete, with the reddish brown rock, Drive weathering, erosion, the surface was loose-brown, and more than 1 m thickness, pH 4.5-5.2 between.

 According to the Bureau of tea in Wuyishan soil survey is Yancha Origin: Hui Yuan Hang, Niulan Hang, Tai Hang Hau, flow-Jian, Wu Jian, and other sources to so-called "Sankeng two streams." Because Douya Yan Gu, shade conditions are good , the bottom small stream of water seepage, short summer sunshine, winter block cold wind, temperature variation and the deteriorating smaller.  Rock tea is of soil containing more gravel to 24-29%, 50% porosity, permeability of the soil can be good soil, and manganese content in the high-potassium, moderate acidity, such as rock produced in rhyme.  Half Yancha Origin: Qingshitan rock, Bi Yan Yan is thick clay, soil thin, high content of aluminum, potassium less special, high acidity and texture than clay, produced in the rock-Yun, Ma the first major rock area of the Yellow loam, the lion's mouth, is Jiuquxi banks of alluvial soil, the high calcium content in the soil, the soil is fertile and produced tea Yun not obvious.

B:"rock Melody" and the old

 The author years of the "three-two streams," such as mining and processing of fresh leaves and found the young tea especially narcissus, its aroma easy to make, but not obvious rhyme.  Old tea while short-yun, 20 years old and above the old tea, the tea not only Preparing aroma, and Yun Yan is very obvious.


 C: "rock Melody" and the fresh leaves of the Laonen

 Open-leaf epidermal cells thick cuticle has been differentiation, the stratum corneum, the December cover of carbon-containing high-carbon fatty acids and fat is a one yuan oolong tea aroma components, more mature leaf in the carotenoid , starch, carbohydrate, ether extract content was high, enabling oolong tea "rock Melody" formation.


 D:"-Melody" and the processing technology-related

 Wuyi Yancha processing unique Zuoqing take "two drying two cooler," heavy-light combination, see Green Zuoqing, double-fried double-kneading, retting to mention fragrance, as of the main early-baking, baking complex, aging - Gas color smell and taste, "Rock Melody" one of the major means.


 E:"Rock Melody" and the cultivation of the Wuyi

 As Wuyicha intricate complex terrain areas, the majority of Yancha Youyu, pits, Yanxi, Shanao and some mountain slope, stone staircase, filling civil Park, and Chun dangerous rock crevices, stone masonry blocks , Wan filled with new soil, soil and fertilizer.  "Wuyi farming," the more prominent is the "deep plowing hanging Law," "indigenous passengers," Shenfan Bajiuru Excavating on mountains, nearly hanging roots to the effective nutrient absorption line, the root of the sunlight exposure, since debugging Miebing aging and the role of soil.  New soil contains large amounts of trace elements such as: Fe, Cu, Mg, Zn, Mo, Cl, such as rock formation is an important characteristics of rhyme.

 F: "Rock Melody" and fertilization relations

 Wuyicha areas to organic fertilizer in the main, not Oxfam or application of chemical fertilizer, planting summer and winter green manure to improve soil fertility, winter tea turf the entire pitch, to increase soil organic matter, to create a "rock Melody" provide conditions.



 ① Caicha earlier, the tender leaf, and making a hard rock rhyme.  ② massive application of fertilizers, and acquisition of a 163-Yun difficult.  ③ Some Effects of aging tea after Taiwan became the "young" tea.  Tea also produced no obvious rhyme rock.  ④ early system of simple, tea peak arrival period, tea Zuoqing lack of time, the tea also produced no obvious rhyme rock.

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